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Many firms will provide a financial plan, leaving you to figure out how to take the necessary action to bring that plan to life.  Our financial advisors understand that the financial plan is the beginning of a process that can be complex and overwhelming.  We are committed to helping you implement solutions that best fit your needs, especially as those needs change over time.

While we work with clients from many walks of life, they generally share an element of success and understand that even if they had been managing their financial lives on their own, having a professional design a strategy may free up much deserved time and stress.

Our most successful relationships are with clients who appreciate the value of having expert guidance for their financial lives.  Much like you are an expert in your professional field, our team has a combination of experience and expertise in financial topics that enables us to develop the best strategy for your needs. Working together also has to make economic sense for both you and the advisor.  While we don’t have any hard asset or fee minimums, we understand that sometimes it may not be the right time or circumstance to work together.  In those instances, we will help define next steps as we can.

Although many advisors leverage references by existing clients, we take the privacy of our relationships very seriously.  It would be hypocritical for us to stress the importance of confidentiality while naming clients for “strangers” to contact about how we work.  Additionally, our privacy policy explicitly prohibits us from sharing non-public information unless required by law, which we have committed total adherence to.  The success of our practice is based on the willingness of our existing clients to refer family, friends, and associates.

Most often, we are paid based on the assets under management (also known as a fee-based platform).  This means we charge a percentage of the balance of the accounts we manage, which varies depending on the size (and type) of the portfolio. In some instances, it may make sense to charge a per hour dollar amount for our services.  This is based on each client’s circumstance. Most important, how we are being paid will NEVER be unclear.  Prior to any engagement, we will agree on the best way for us to work together.  We cannot move forward until you feel both clear and comfortable with the services you will receive, how much they will cost, and how they will be paid for.

Being a fee-only firm can exclude some solutions which may make the most sense for a clients’ needs.  While we appreciate that fee-only can sound like the only way to receive independent advice, we believe it’s more important to evaluate alternatives that are in a clients’ best interest, even if it means a commission based product.  You never have to worry about how a solution may compensate the advisor recommending it. Rest assured that in the event that a commission based solution is the best recommendation, you will understand the cost structure of any solution and the impact it has on your overall financial goals.

We work with clients across multiple states.  Given communication technology that is available and evolving, we can collaborate in person, by phone or via web conferencing.  It really depends on how each client wants to work together.

Pursuant to Regulation Best Interest (BI), our Client Relationship Statement can be accessed via this link.