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Establish your lasting legacy.

We’ll help put your hard-earned assets in the hands of those who mean the most to you.

After a lifetime of working, saving, and investing, you and your family have accumulated a level of financial wealth that you likely want to preserve, protect, to pass on to future generations.

You may also want to create a charitable legacy. By taking the time to discover your vision, values, and dreams, we can assist you in preparing a strategy that allows you greater peace of mind.


Our services include helping to model and implement:

• Charitable trusts

• Foundations

• Revocable and irrevocable trusts

• Generation skipping trusts

• Estate tax minimization


We work directly with you to define and design your vision. Once that’s accomplished, we’ll work closely with your attorney to fully implement your wishes. By helping you create a plan that’s effective and efficient, we’ll help you find greater comfort with the knowledge that your final plans will serve to carry out your wishes at a time when you’ll no longer be able to do so.